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Musical Instruments in East Anglia

Does your child wish to learn how to play an instrument but you feel reluctant to spend money on a valuable instrument that will quickly be discarded in favour of something else? At Balaam’s Music, we operate an instrument rental scheme, which enables you to rent a good quality instrument for your child at a price that won’t break the bank.

Quality Instruments

We recognise that good quality instruments are key to helping your child to master a new instrument successfully. Cheaper or poor quality instruments can make the process of learning to play more difficult as they try hard to successfully produce a clear tone on each note. Our experienced staff check each instrument in our workshop to ensure that it is of a suitable standard to enable your child to play successfully.

How the Scheme Works

We offer you a list of available instruments to rent for a period of three months. Once this period is up you can choose to purchase the instrument, return it or renew the rental. After 6 months you can then return the instrument with nothing further to pay or purchase the instrument for the original price less of all the rental payments. All of our rental agreements are offered subject to proof of identity and payment by credit or debit card.

Flute Rental

So when you are searching for a music shop that can offer violin, trumpet, saxophone or flute rental, why not give us a call today for an updated list of what instruments we have to offer. Alternatively, fill in the contact form or visit our shop to speak to us directly to rent a musical instrument in Suffolk.